Dispatch Team:

Tom Rzedzian x228
Greg Rzedzian x222
Adam Wnorowski x226
Robert Stachyra x224
Jerry Zablocki x241
Miron Derengowski x229
Nick Meyers x240
Andrzej Radzicki x225
Iwona Gorniak x262
Voytek Sokol x243
Kasia Modrzejewska x255
Anita Ambroziak x286
Jacob Balchan x235
Walter Martynko x249
Agnieszka Nowak x210
Artur Gawel x248
Mateusz Kowalski x208
Mateusz Niemczewski x214
Mateusz Plackowski x216
Michael Litchman x227
Monika Pawlowski x292
Patrycja Buczak x207
Zbyszek Kozlowski x205
Staszek Gacek x206
Kasia Sarzynski x286
Magdalena Jurczak x209

California Terminal:

Aneta Kusior x842
Witek Kusior x742

Safety Team :

Dariusz Pawlowski x237
Joanna Osipinska x238
Malgorzata Bartoszewicz x244
Kate Derlacka x252
Karolina Barnas x250

Accounting Team:

Aneta Rzedzian x422
Kate Jurkowska x230
Mary Bielanska x231
Monika Dowlaszewicz x295
Magdalena Rusek x294
Marzena Zabiega x297
Irene Sierzega x428
Ela Domanska x234

Mechanic Team:

Tomasz Roszkowski x741
Daniel Curyla x745

Contact Go To Logistics


165 w. Lake St
Northlake, IL 60164



(708) 338-0303


(708) 338-0404

Safety Department Fax:

(708) 356-4238

Go To Logistics - Service

  • East & West Coast Service
  • Overnight Next Day Service
  • Affordable 2nd Day Service
  • Truckload (Long Haul) (Full Truck)
  • Less than Truckload (LTL)
  • Drop and Hook
  • Warehousing


  • All trailers are Logistics & Air Ride equipped
  • 180 Over the Road Trucks
  • 40 Local tractors
  • 170 - 53 foot trailers, (Swing Doors 110” High Dry Vans)
  • 150 - 53 foot Protective Temperature Control Trailers
  • Drop & Hook trailers
  • Over 100,000 square feet of modern, one-story warehouse space.