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2233 N. West St
River Grove, IL 60171



(708) 338-0303


(708) 338-0404

Safety Department Fax:

(708) 356-4238

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Go To Logistics - Service

  • East & West Coast Service
  • Overnight Next Day Service
  • Affordable 2nd Day Service
  • Truckload (Long Haul) (Full Truck)
  • Less than Truckload (LTL)
  • Drop and Hook
  • Warehousing


  • All trailers are Logistics & Air Ride equipped
  • 220 Over the Road Tractors
  • 55 Local tractors
  • 300 - 53 foot trailers, (Swing Doors 110” High Dry Vans)
  • 250 - 53 foot Protective Temperature Control Trailers
  • Drop & Hook trailers
  • Over 220,000 square feet in Chicago and 60,000 in LAX of modern, one-story warehouse space. Crossdocks and drop yards in Dallas, Seattle, Portland, Denver, Salt Lake, Reno and Boston.